Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Itrane Atlas

Aziz Ahouzar--Aya Hbibino Wayadbibno
Mimoun El Khnifri--Immane Wa Ymma
Mohamed Aankour--Illa Wghamos Ni
Tiotmine Imazighn--Makh Adiyi Tzrid
Houssa 46--Imorag T3adbiyi
Aziz Ahouzar--Azghanghan Anjdi
Mohamed Aankour--Aboulahmoum

Compilation of new Moroccan Berber chaabi ("pop") music on the Box Music label out of Casablanca.  Features Aziz Ahouzar, Mimoun El Khnifri, Mohamed Aankour, Houssa 46, and others.  

Lo-fi, sytnhed-out, autotuned Berber pop for your listening pleasure.   

Wait, Makh Adiyi Tzrid is in what time signature?

Houssa 46

Track 2

More Berber chaabi ("pop") music from Houssa 46, this time on the Raissiphone label.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hamid El Kasri Saha Koyo

Laylaha Illalah

Hamid El Kasri's brand of gnawa music, a fusion he's dubbed "Jazz Gnawa" doesn't always succeed but when it does, it's sublime.  This album contains the masterpiece Laylaha Illalah, also issued on the compilation Festival D'Essouira, an annual anthology that accompanies the Essouira Gnawa Festival in June.  

Voice, Guembri: Hamid El Kasri
Keyboards, Congas, Drums: Issam-issam
Chorus, Karkabas, Claps: Aziz Boughaba, Seddik Bassouda, Mohamed Majdoubi


3yana u Mrida
track 3
track 5

Hassania takes center stage on this album issued on the MasterOne label in Fes.  Hassania's powerhouse vocals are the highlight, thundering out across the clean, buoyant sonic landscape.  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mohamed Rouciha Inass Inass

Side 1

Side 2
Inass Inass

Mohamed Rouciha's best album.  Features his hit song, Inass Inass, and contains three more songs of outstanding quality.  Released on the MasterOne label out of Fes, this tape finds Rouicha's outar (African lute; similar to the loutar, but smaller) playing at its fiercest.  Gritty vocals and raw, echo-drenched production.  Middle Atlas Berber chaabi ("popular") music at its finest.

The intro on Track 3 is ridiculously bad ass.  R.I.P. Mohamed Rouicha (born January 1, 1950, died January 17, 2012).