Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Itrane Atlas

Aziz Ahouzar--Aya Hbibino Wayadbibno
Mimoun El Khnifri--Immane Wa Ymma
Mohamed Aankour--Illa Wghamos Ni
Tiotmine Imazighn--Makh Adiyi Tzrid
Houssa 46--Imorag T3adbiyi
Aziz Ahouzar--Azghanghan Anjdi
Mohamed Aankour--Aboulahmoum

Compilation of new Moroccan Berber chaabi ("pop") music on the Box Music label out of Casablanca.  Features Aziz Ahouzar, Mimoun El Khnifri, Mohamed Aankour, Houssa 46, and others.  

Lo-fi, sytnhed-out, autotuned Berber pop for your listening pleasure.   

Wait, Makh Adiyi Tzrid is in what time signature?

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