Monday, July 30, 2012

Hamid El Kasri Saha Koyo

Laylaha Illalah

Hamid El Kasri's brand of gnawa music, a fusion he's dubbed "Jazz Gnawa" doesn't always succeed but when it does, it's sublime.  This album contains the masterpiece Laylaha Illalah, also issued on the compilation Festival D'Essouira, an annual anthology that accompanies the Essouira Gnawa Festival in June.  

Voice, Guembri: Hamid El Kasri
Keyboards, Congas, Drums: Issam-issam
Chorus, Karkabas, Claps: Aziz Boughaba, Seddik Bassouda, Mohamed Majdoubi


  1. Listening to your collection at work today. This might be my favorite so far. Helps me transcend the cubicle ;) Thanks for sharing, keep it up

  2. Hi admin, thanks a lot for this post, besides there is any possibility to upload us this album thanks to answer

  3. This is one of the most touching pieces of music i heard i a while. This is nothing less then jaw dropping. Any idea how to get this CD in the EU?